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What are some of the ways you can personalize a service at The Gardens

Family counselor Laura Tennenhouse discusses some of the ways you can customize and hence personalize a service for your loved one. From releasing birds, live streaming of the service to special music, The Gardens will work with you to make the service memorable.

Can I still have a religious service if I don’t go to a local church?

If your family were not regular parishioners at a local church or synagogue or maybe just considered yourself non-denominational, you can still have a service for your loved one presided by a Priest, Deacon or Rabbi. Deacon Greg Sherman discusses how he approaches creating a religious service for someone who is non-denominational that will make everyone feel comfortable.

Storing and displaying the ashes of a loved one.

Funeral Director Garrett Jacobs discusses the Vatican’s latest comments regarding the keeping of ashes at home rather than at a place where they will be memorialized.

Why it is so important to make arrangements ahead of time.

While it may be an uncomfortable topic, pre planning your funeral arrangements along with paying for it has many advantages. Owner Garrett Jacobs notes that not only will your arrangements be followed just as you wish but pre planning alleviates all the stress from your children or family to make the difficult decisions after your loss.

How can I personalize the service for a loved one?

Deacon Greg Sherman explains the types of things a family can request to personalized a service for a loved one.

The Gardens of Boca Raton is a family affair.

Funeral Director and The Gardens of Boca Raton owner Garrett Jacobs discusses how the business is a family affair with his wife, brother and now son in mortuary school.

Why pre planning is so important.

Family Service Counselor Laura Tennenhouse explains why it’s so important to lay out your final wishes if only to remove the stress of making your surviving spouse or children have to make difficult decisions while they are grieving your loss.

The Gardens of Boca Raton & the Boca Raton Funeral Home

Owner Garrett Jacobs discusses the many benefits of working with a local family owned and operated Funeral Home. This means that whether you are pre planning your funeral arrangements or if have had a sudden death in the family, just one call means that all your arrangements will be taken care of.

Why “above ground” burials is more appropriate in Florida.

The Gardens of Boca Raton owner Garrett Jacobs talks about why Mausoleum or “above ground” burials in Florida make sense given the high water table in our area.

Do you have to publish an Obituary?

Funeral Director Garrett Jacobs is often asked by families if they need to immediately have an obituary written and then published. Garrett advises families that they don’t have to, and often, to protect the privacy of a surviving spouse, that they should not publish one at all or at least wait till after the service.

Steps required before a funeral can take place.

After your loved one is entrusted in our care, there are many behind the scenes tasks that happen between the family, the Cemetery and Funeral Home, including any appropriate paper work that needs to filed before the service and internment can happen. Funeral Director Garrett Jacobs discusses how the The Gardens works hand in hand with your Funeral Home so a grieving family has as little to do as possible.

How do you start the conversation with your aging parents.

Family Service Counselor, Laura Tennenhouse, discusses how adult children can start the conversation with their aging parents regarding what their final wishes may be and any pre planning they may have already undertaken.

What can you do legally with the cremains of a loved one?

Garrett Jacobs, Funeral Director and owner of The Gardens of Boca Raton discusses some of the legal do’s and don’ts regarding the spreading of your loved ones cremains (cremated remains). For example, you can’t legally spread the cremains of your father at his favorite hole at the local golf club or at his favorite beach.

What you should do immediately after a death of a loved one.

Boca Raton Funeral Home and The Gardens owner Garrett Jacobs talks about the steps that happen and the information needed directly after there is a death in your family.