How Do You Select the Best Hospice Care?

Hospice Care

When a loved one is dealing with a terminal illness, family and friends want them to be as comfortable as possible, getting the best care by quality personnel. Hospice was created for exactly those reasons. But there are different hospice groups to choose from, which begs the question of how to choose the best hospice care?

Your city might have a handful of hospice care options, or even dozens of choices. By doing a little research, you can find the team that’s exactly right for your family.

6 Questions To Ask When Finding the Best Hospice Care

A prospective hospice care team will answer your questions and help you and your family decide what’s best for your loved one.

What’s the Prevailing Opinion From Others About This Hospice?

Much like when you choose a doctor, a lawyer or most anything else, learning about the experiences of others that have used their services will serve as a great reference. This will give you the best idea of how helpful this hospice care has been in the past, and should be in the future.

Talk to your doctor and people you know that have gone through something similar, along with your local hospitals and nursing homes. Most likely, they’ll refer you to a hospice care group with a good history.

Are There Limits On Treatment?

Go through everything the patient might need, making sure the hospice care group being considered will be able to handle what’s required.

Is the Hospice Accredited, Medicare Certified and State Licensed?

While having accreditation by JCAHO or CHAP isn’t necessarily required, it does convey the message that a third party has already vetted this group to provide excellent care. State licensing might not be required, either, but it’s certainly something to consider. Medicare certification, however, is completely necessary if the beneficiary is to be reimbursed.

Are Extra Services Required?

While Medicare covers most services you need, there might be some extra services that a hospice care group can provide.

How Fast Do They Respond?

Find out their average response times – both during the day and in the middle of the night. While these shouldn’t be the only thing you consider, it should weigh in on your ultimate decision.

How Many Visits Per Week Should Be Expected?

While hospice care might be available 24 hours a day, they might only come out to the patient’s house a few times a week at the beginning. Find out how many visits they’ll provide each week and see if that’s enough to help you and your family.

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