Pre planning your funeral can relieve stress from loved ones.

Preplanning Arrangements for Funerals

The Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Expenses

Think back to the funerals you have gone to in the past, whether they were for family members, friends or co-workers. Remember how the grief affected the family of the deceased, and how many different steps were involved with the funeral, from the viewing to the funeral service to the burial?

By doing your own funeral preplanning, you can save your loved ones’ time and energy, as well as money, allowing them to grieve over the loss of their family member or friend without making difficult decisions.

There are many decisions you can make now, alleviating your family from being forced to make them under duress, and everyone in your family, including yourself, will be thankful you did.

What Funeral Preplanning Arrangements Should You Make?

By making these decisions early with thoughtful funeral preplanning, you’ll get exactly what you want, and your family will be relieved knowing you’ve taken care of them even after your death. Make these decisions known to your family beforehand, preferably in a will or letter to your family.

Do You Choose Burial, Cremation or Donation?

What happens to your body after you die is something you can decide on now. Cremation might be a cheaper option, but does your religion allow it? What will happen with your ashes afterward? Do you plan to donate your body for medical students to practice on or the advancement of medical techniques, or do you just want to donate your organs?

Decide On the Type of Funeral Service(s)

Do you prefer to have a standard funeral service, where someone eulogizes you? Will there be graveside services, a viewing or a wake?

What Personalized Touches Would You Like?

Would you like to have someone speak at your funeral, or do you want several people to speak? Who will preside over the whole service? What kind of music would you like to be played? Will you need pallbearers, and who will they be? Would you like specific poetry to be read?

Choose a Funeral Home & Funeral Director

Obviously, the funeral home you choose, along with the cemetery and gravesite, means you need to first choose where you’d like to be buried. Talk with a funeral director in person, like the people at Boca Raton Funeral Home.

Prepay for Your Funeral

By making arrangements to pay for your funeral ahead of time, you can choose to pay today’s prices for a funeral that might not happen for 20 years, which means you/your family will end up saving money. This could include prepaying for a casket or an urn, services, flowers, a gravesite and a headstone, among several other things. You can even prepay for your funeral with an insurance policy or a trust, but make sure the documents are available for your family after your death.

If you live in the South Florida area, choose to have your funeral at The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery & Funeral Services. Call them at (561) 989-9190, or visit their offices in Boca Raton, and they’ll walk you through all of your funeral preplanning arrangements.