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The Latest Mausoleum Trends

3 Mausoleum Trends of 2018

For years, mausoleums were inspired by classical styles predominant in the Romans era. But, as with many design styles, trends come and go. Last year, mausoleum trends started to evolve into a more personalized style. After all, mausoleums are an ode to their occupants.

More people are opting for private, personalized, and customized mausoleums. Mausoleums are meant to make an everlasting statement, as they are the one thing that will define you as you move on. With our general aesthetic evolving to a more modern, sleek, and simple design style, so are mausoleums.

From 2017 and most likely well into 2018, mausoleum trends will gravitate toward contemporary styles that reflect their occupants’ personality and sense of style.

Personalized Mausoleums

Mausoleums are changing styles and shape. Long gone is the traditional symmetrical, museum-like construction as a resting place. Nowadays, mausoleums are taking on new shapes and styles. From Asian-inspired to Gothic, and even Conceptual designs, everything is possible with today’s trends.

As long as the mausoleum design complies with the law, anything is possible. This means people can personalize their mausoleums to reflect on their personal style. Some mausoleum designs are highly abstract designs resembling a cube, a work of art, or even a sculpture.

Green-Friendly Mausoleums

Green burials have been on the rise for a couple of years now. Having a more eco-friendly resting place has resonated with many users, and it is growing to the point that a mausoleum can now be a tree. Not only are green mausoleums smaller in size, but they also use earth-friendly materials to leave the smallest footprint on Earth.

Newer generations are opting for these green burial options. As they pre-plan their arrangements, having an eco-friendly burial option is becoming increasingly important for these generations. This is also why cremation services have been on the rise since most ecological mausoleums require cremation to be effective.

However, it does not stop there. Based on our previous personalization mausoleum trend, people are also resourcing to green construction materials to make sure their mausoleum leaves less of an impact on the Earth.

Artsy Mausoleums

Many mausoleums house art collections and display art pieces that their occupants appreciated. However, art is now taking front stage in the mausoleum design itself. Whether they choose to design it based on modern styles, baroque’s, Egyptian, or even as an ode to Moorish style, they’re indeed a work of art by themselves.

Mausoleum trends have evolved to the point that they are designed as small buildings, with the help of an architect and input from either the family or whoever is pre-planning their resting place.

Artsy mausoleums shy away from what’s considered traditional and experiment with colors, styles, décor elements, and other final details. Ideally, this trend is to express their occupant’s sense style and their personality.

What is Next?

We cannot tell what we will see in 2018 for mausoleums. Most likely, these mausoleum trends will continue throughout this year and evolve into more personalized design options. We also see a rise in cremation niches, which are fully customizable, meaning they can change every day. Cremation niches are offering an outlet to family members to commemorate their loved ones with small details such as photos, flowers, balloons, memorabilia, and other personal items.

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