From small, humble beginnings, The Gardens of Boca Raton has become a majestic memorial park for all. But, none of this would have been possible without the dreams and dedication of its founders. Many things make The Gardens an extraordinary place. But perhaps the number one reason is the fact that it’s a family business committed to celebrating the lives of all those who have lived and those who live today.

The Gardens Family Business

the gardens staff

What started as a career for Garrett Jacobs turned into a life calling. After graduating from Lynn University’s Mortuary Science Program, Garrett went on to spend time as a Funeral Director in Newmarket, New Hampshire. However, his dream of starting a family-owned business was calling.

That’s when he moved to Florida and finally in 2003, he opened the Boca Raton Funeral Home and Cremation Services, a family owned and operated business offering funeral and cremation services to South Florida families. Over time, his vision grew bigger and bigger with the idea of building a beautiful memorial park to serve all.

With The Gardens of Boca Raton, Garrett’s dreams of operating a family owned funeral home and cemetery finally came true. This breathtaking memorial park features meditation rooms, libraries, catering options, live-streaming services, indoor and outdoor mausoleums, and cremation niches, all set in a serene, tranquil atmosphere. After years of hard work and dedication, Garrett’s dream of building something extraordinary to help celebrate and cherish the lives of those we love was a reality.

However, all the credit cannot be attributed to Garrett. None of this could have happened without the help and support of Marshall Jacobs, his brother and Chief Operating Officer at The Gardens. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Marshall cares for the day to day operations of The Gardens, making it a true family owned and operated cemetery.

Together, the two brothers have helped thousands of families over the past two decades. Being a family owned and operated business gives The Gardens a distinct difference when compared to other funeral homes and cemeteries. In no other place will your family have a second family caring for your needs and the legacy of your loved one. That’s what makes The Gardens a genuinely exceptional place.

The Gardens of Boca Raton Vision

When Garett and Marshall Jacobs started thinking about The Gardens of Boca Raton, the goal was to create something that exuded serenity and was able to bring people together, both living and departed. As the years have passed, this idea has evolved with technology, yet its essence of celebrating every life remains the same.

Today, The Gardens of Boca Raton recognizes the meaningfulness of each person’s life. The idea was to become keepers of your loved one’s biographies through virtual memorials available online. Sanctuaries filled with light, meditation rooms, and libraries make visiting your loved one’s burial site pleasurable and meaningful. As we live life and accomplish our dreams, we want to be able to cherish that legacy and celebrate our loved one’s accomplishments as they deserve, with greatness and gratitude.

Garrett and Marshall Jacobs promise everyone that walks into The Gardens the highest degrees of professionalism, compassion, and sensitivity. Every person at The Gardens is dedicated to your comfort throughout the entire memorial planning process. We want to help you and your family, to the best of our abilities celebrate the life of your loved ones and respect their legacy as they deserve.

Working with a family owned funeral home and cemetery means your family is also a part of ours. The Gardens of Boca Raton is a pillar in the community, helping thousands of families each year. To us, your family’s loss feels like ours, which is why our funeral counselors always take the time to sit down with your family to make sure we can help you plan a meaningful memorial service that honors your loved one in a significant and beautiful way.

Offering pre-planning funeral and burial services, as well as emergency services, our family is always ready to assist your’s in every way possible. Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing the utmost caring and sensitive service to help your family celebrate the life of your loved one.

For more information, we invite you to visit us when you schedule a private tour to learn more about our services and facility.