Different Burial Options

Types of Burial Options: Above Ground Mausoleum, Burial and More

Types of Burial Options

Choosing the type of burial to memorialize your loved ones or yourself is a profoundly personal decision. Burial options offer a valuable outlet to maintain the memories of your loved ones forever. At The Gardens, we offer several types of burial options to help you and your loved ones find the ideal resting place.

Above Ground Burial

Even though in-ground burials are more traditional, understanding how above-ground burials work can change the way we look at them.

Above-ground burials are sometimes referred to as tombs. Once a coffin is placed in the tomb, is covered in soil, and finally sealed. Due to the high-water tables, above-ground burials offer water damage prevention. As a result, above-ground burial options are relatively common in areas close to the water, like South Florida.

In Community Mausoleums

Within above-ground burials, there are public mausoleums, referred to as community mausoleums. These are above-ground buildings memorializing multiple individuals. Community mausoleums provide a secure enclose that remains clean and dry, without ever letting the casket come in contact with the earth.

The Gardens offers indoor and outdoor mausoleums, which means you can visit your loved ones regardless of the weather.

Jewish Mausoleums

Community mausoleum options do not stop there. We understand all the religious traditions of the Jewish faith, which is why we offer Jewish mausoleums in our north gardens.

Non-Denominational Mausoleums

Those of non-Jewish faith can rest in our south garden mausoleum. Open to all religions, to allow families to stay close to their loved ones after death.

In Private Mausoleum

Above ground burial options also include private or family mausoleums. These are separate, independent buildings, with custom-built details, and design. Private mausoleums can accommodate up to 24 people in your family.

In Crypts

Crypts are traditionally placed beneath the floor of churches and chapels, but they can also be placed in above ground mausoleums. A crypt is built to hold a casket or an urn in a concrete chamber. Crypt options include side by side arrangements, faithful companion, and couch crypts, which are crypts that enable the casket to be entombed horizontally.

Niches at the Gardens of Boca RatonCremation

Cremation continues to rise in popularity, as cremation offers more personalized burial options. Often those who choose cremation opt to keep the cremains in an urn, and the urn is usually stored in a cemetery or scattering garden. Families store urns virtually anywhere, including a mausoleum niche, an urn mausoleum, or other places.

Cremation offers lower-cost options, a safe above-ground resting place, and the opportunity to customize your loved ones resting place as you please.


At The Gardens we offer marble and granite cremation niches. These resemble a community mausoleum building with plaques in front. Marble and granite niches are sealed and cannot be opened after closing.

Cremation niches are evolving to allow families to have a more personalized resting place for their loved ones. Crystal glass cremation niches offer the opportunity of leaving memorabilia next to the urn, and the chance to open the niche after placement of the urn.

Family Estate Benches

A highly unique way to memorialize your loved ones. Family benches are often granite benches near lakes and gardens that allow the placement of a cremation urn inside the foundation of the bench. In most cases, inscribed on a plaque on the bench are the name of the family, the name of the deceased, and date of death.

The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery & Funeral Services is ready to help you with your family’s burial arrangements. We facilitate above-ground burial options in the South Florida area, and our counselors are ready to discuss all of your options. Call us at 561-989-9190 anytime.